Your Essential Commercial Real Estate Team

Purchasing commercial property takes more than just a few dollars to see your money grow. Commercial investing takes a team of skilled professionals who are able to guide the investor through the process and protect him or her of risk. 

Here are just a few important people you will find yourself needing throughout your investment career: 

    • 1. Business Partner 
      • Buying property is the largest financial investment you will make and it’s beneficial to work with a partner who you can bounce ideas off of and look at things from different perspectives. It’s important this person has a similar mindset for how you would like to accomplish your investment venture. 
    • 2. (Good) Commercial Real Estate Agent
      • To be honest, real estate agents are a dime a dozen, however a good real estate agent is not something to look past. Commercial Real Estate agents spend every day analyzing the market, conversing with other property owners, reviewing properties, and more. Most importantly, they understand the market and the value different properties hold, more than most people. Not to mention, they are usually connected with other professionals who they can refer you to during the transaction process, or even after you hold the title.
    • 3. Commercial Lender 
      • Unless you plan on purchasing an investment property in cash, you will need to speak with a lender. Research multiple lenders and discuss what you are looking to do in the near future, as well as your long term goals. Lenders want to have lasting relations with their clients and the longer and more money you have with one bank, the better rates you are usually able to get. 
      • Pro Tip: Especially if this is your first investment, speak to your Commercial Real Estate agent about who they would recommend. They will know of different lending options you may qualify for and can direct you to lenders who will more likely lend money to someone who appears high risk. 
    • 4. Commercial Real Estate Attorney 
      • Just like a real estate agent, attorneys are a dime a dozen. And just like your agent, you want to find an attorney who is knowledgeable in commercial investments and knows what needs to be in a contract to assure you are protected. If you don’t already know of a good attorney, this is another team member you may want to ask your Commercial Real Estate agent about. 
    • 5. CPA Knowledgeable in Property Investments  
      • One of the reasons people decided to invest in commercial property is because of the tax benefits. Once you have invested in a property, it is in your best interest to work with a knowledgeable CPA who will have a detailed understanding of any tax write-offs you qualify for. 
      • Pro Tip: When looking for a new CPA them outside of Tax Season. They will have the time to build a connection with you and thoroughly look through your paperwork without any distractions.